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About Us

Welcome to Awestruck!

At Awestruck, we stay true to the ages by traditionally hand striking every piece we sell. All our products are struck from solid silver. That means no bubbly cast clones, only sharp strikes and images in high quality precious metal, giving each piece it's own unique character - just like the originals. No two are quite the same.

A Little Background on Alex, Archaeological Silversmith

Alex McPhie is a recent graduate of the archaeology program at Trent University. In recent years, his academic study has centered around Roman provincial numismology (coinage) and archaeology in the Levant. He has written numerous essays on ancient coinage and has been awarded Trent's Norma Millar Prize for work on Roman provincial numismology in North Africa. His appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship of ancient artisans has inspired him to revive technologies and methods unfamiliar or lost to modern civilization.

Alex's first attempts at metalsmithing began with backyard experiments and projects for experimental archaeology courses. After four years of die carving and striking as a pastime, his interest only continued to grow and gain momentum. This hobby has expanded to become the Awestruck Workshop. A love for archaeology, the Holy Land, ancient coinage, and metalworking led him to create this site and share some tangible history with you. We hope that you enjoy these stylish and unique little treasures and the history in which they were born.

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