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At Awestruck we employ two main historical technologies of metalsmithing to deliver top quality products that look and feel like the originals.

The first method is hot struck silver, which is exactly what it sounds. We have recreated the same mint workshop procedures as would have been common to the ancients;
weighing the metal to historic proportions, heating the pellets in a miniature crucible, hammering flat the semi-spherical gob, reheating the flat metal flan until cherry red, and lastly, striking it quickly between the dies.

The second method involves striking a cold planchet of hammered silver instead of heating it immediately beforehand. This process was common in the medieval period and is employed to create our medieval coins. Reheating was not necessary because the dies were often very shallow and because the coins were so thin. Heating creates greater malleability and is only necessary when hand striking deep dies.

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