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Anglo Saxon 'Coiled Wolf' Coins


Image of Anglo Saxon 'Coiled Wolf' Coins


Anglo Saxon 'sceattas' are small silver coins from 8th century southern England. This one is of a stylized 'coiled wolf' with curled tongue, which has some fierce dragon-like features.

Very little is known about these mysterious little coins, including which tribes struck them and for what purpose. Christian imagery on many suggest that some may have been minted by bishops or abbots.

(Wikipedia 'Sceat' to see an original coin of the 'coiled wolf' type)

- hot struck from 1-1.5g (per coin) of 99.9 pure silver
- ~13-15mm
- Just like the originals, each is hand struck, so allow for slight irregularity and variance from the photos
- Each coin shipped outside of Canada is marked discreetly with a tiny punch on the back or side making it a legal 'replica'

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