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John I ‘Magna Carta’ & ‘Robin Hood’ Coin


Image of John I ‘Magna Carta’ & ‘Robin Hood’ Coin


The dies used to hand mint these historically accurate sterling pennies were made exactly 800 years after the reluctant signing of the Magna Carta by King John I. The Magna Carta document was the charter of rights and freedoms on which English nations have based the modern justice system.

King John is also the nemesis of the renowned vigilante, Robin Hood. Stealing coins like these from the rich and giving them to the poor!

All traditionally hand minted sterling, just as they would have been made in the Middle Ages!

Obverse: HENRICVS REX & crude bust of Henry/John
Reverse: + LVKAS ON LVNDE ("Lukas [moneyer] in London") & quatrefoil pelleted cross

- cold struck from solid .925 sterling silver [historical purity]
- 19mm, ~1.3-1.5g (like the originals, coins are fairly thin)
- Just like the originals, each is hand struck, so allow for slight irregularity and variance from the photos
- Each coin shipped outside of Canada is marked discreetly with a tiny punch on the back making it a legal 'replica'

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