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William I The Conqueror 1066 Penny


Image of William I The Conqueror 1066 Penny
  • Image of William I The Conqueror 1066 Penny


This is as close as you can get to owning an authentic silver William I penny without breaking the bank. Might be the first of this type hand struck since the originals from 1066/67! Also a tribute to the upcoming King William.

(William I penny minting video:

- cold struck from solid .925 sterling silver [historical purity](see methodology)
- 19mm, ~1.3-1.5g (like the originals, coins are fairly thin)
- Just like the originals, each is hand struck, so allow for slight irregularity and variance from the photos
- Each coin shipped outside of Canada is marked discreetly with a tiny punch on the back making it a legal 'replica'


William I, 'The Conqueror', duke of Normandy, led the last successful invasion of England.

Having no heirs, Edward the Confessor, King of England, had promised William the throne. However, Harold, a rival of William had illegitimately seized the crown upon Edward's death. William's revenge began at the Battle of Hastings in AD 1066, avenging his rightful place as king.

During the battle, Harold was fatally struck in the eye with an arrow. In disarray, his army fled to the forests. William pressed north and began to sack and burn opposing English towns and cities.

He was crowned king in Westminster Abby, December 25th, 1066. William was the first of many Norman kings to rule England.

Obverse: PILLEMUS REX ("King William") & crude bust of William
Reverse: AELFSI ON LUNDE ("Aelfsi [moneyer] in London") & trefoil cross

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